Mr. Mikidad Muhanga


Mr. Mikidad Muhanga, is a Lecturer in the Development studies institute. He has a MA in Rural Development and did a course in Development Theory and Policy at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Universitetet for Miljø- og Biovitenskap –UMB). Currently he is pursuing his PhD Studies at the University of Zambia. Before joining DSI, he held a Senior Administration Position in the Faculty of Agriculture of the Sokoine University of Agriculture.
Mikidadi is a skilled and experienced human resource management specialist with about 10 years experience in the field. He has researched in areas of outsourcing management practices and corporate social responsibilities.

His teaches various undergraduate courses;

  • DS 100 Principles and Theories of Development
  • DS 300 Planning and Management of Development
  • DS 308 Designing of Rural Development Projects/ Programs
  • RD 106 Governance and Democracy
  • DS 311 Human Resource Management

Other responsibilities
A member of DSI website committee

M. A. Rural Development (Sokoine University of Agriculture)

B. A Political Science and Public Administration (University of Dar Es Salaam)

Selected publications
Muhanga, M. I (2005). “Labour Laws in Tanzania: A Turning Point” In Facts About Africa, Kola Hill Digest Vol. 9 No. 1, May 2005, Salvatorian Institute of Theology, Morogoro

Muhanga, M. (2007). The internet: issues of accuracy, reliability and accountability. In SUA’s commitment on professional agriculture. SUACONE, Volume No. 10. InterPress Tanzania Ltd. ISBN 9987 640 02 8

Muhanga, M and C.I Nombo (2010) Local Government policy responses to informal sector in Morogoro, Tanzania: seeing problems in an opportunity or seeing an opportunity in problems? African Affairs Vol. 8, pp.133-156

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