rogersRogers Andrew (Msc. Agricultural Economics) is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Policy, Planning and Management of Sokoine University of Agriculture.He teaches Principles of Economics and Political Economy.

His research focus areas and competency are: farm level economic and nutrition analysis, quantitative impact evaluation, efficiency analysis, value chain, marketing, eLCA and Eco-design, economic forecast and analysis.

Currently he is the member of Hydrological and Agro ecological Modeling Group (Qswat Sua Group) of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Sokoine University of Agriculture Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (SUALISA) and Global Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) 2020.

His life philosophy is if things are going smoothly, he must be doing something wrong.

Programmes offered at CSSH

1.Bachelor Rural Development
2.Master of Arts (M.A) Rural Development (MRD)
3.Master of Project Planning Management and Evaluation

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