Dr. John N. Jeckoniah

Senior Lecturer
Dr. John N. Jeckoniah has a versatile background in both science and social science studies; he is an experienced consultant, researcher and an academician. His areas of expatriate include: gender and value chain development, Livelihood analysis, women empowerment and gender analysis of development projects. His research interests are in the areas of: Gender and development, Food security, Youth, and reproductive Sexual Behaviors, Rural developments and Livelihood Analysis.  He is a senior Lecturer in the Department of Development Studies and has more than 10 years of teaching experience at the university where he teaches: Gender and development, Food and Nutrition Security, Rural production Systems and Contemporary Issues in Rural Development for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. He has been involved in several research and consultancy activities in Tanzania he supervises student research projects (Undergraduate and Postgraduate). He is an external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate studies of more than five Universities within and outside Tanzania.

PhD Rural Development, Sokoine University of Agriculture (2013)

M.A. Rural Development,   Sokoine University of Agriculture (2007)

B.Sc. Home Economics and Human Nutrition, Sokoine University of Agriculture (2004)

Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography (DDR), MUCHS/UDSM (2000)

Strengthening Agricultural Production and Regional Trade among women smallholder farmers in Tanzania (2017-2019). Researcher and Country representative for the MSU-SUA collaboration

Advancing Young Women Agribusiness Entrepreneurs and Innovations: A Tanzania -Uganda- Kenya- US Partnership.  (2017-2018). Coordinator for Tanzania

Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA): A case of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi and Zimbabwe (2016-2021). Member-Research Team

The impact of gender related factors on follow through of HIV treatment in Njombe District: Supported by MEASURE Evaluation/USAID 2015-2017 (Co-PI) 


Gender analysis for Kilimo Endelevu Programme in Karatu District for Islands of Peace July-September, 2017 (Lead Consultant)

Gender Analysis of Livelihood Programme for Rice and Sisal Value Chain in (Shinyanga, Simiyu and Geita Regions) for Oxfam in Tanzania (March-May, 2017) (Lead Consultant)

Baseline survey for sensitizing the community against HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB and Gender Based violence along new constructed roads in Mtwara, Ruvuma, Dodoma and Manyara: For Amref Health Africa August-September, 2015 (Consultant)

Monitoring and Evaluation of the DFID growth projects in Tanzania (January 2014 to 2017) (Consultant for BACAS/ITAD team) (Ongoing)

Identification of the most profitable value chain options for sustainable charcoal producers in Kilosa District: For Tanzania Forest Conservation Group. May-June, 2014 (Consultant)

End of Project evaluation: Combating community vulnerability to the cycle of draught and flooding in Dodoma Region. LWR-Tanzania: April-June, 2014 (Consultant)

Assessment of Brokerage Systems in MVIWATA markets in Tanzania October- November, 2011(Consultant)

Assessment of Business Development Services in MVIWATA markets in Tanzania. October- November, 2011(Consultant)

Researching Women Collective Actions in Oxfam Programmes (Shinyanga and Tanga regions). Phase I (March-June, 2010), Phase II (January – April, 2011) (Research Assistant)

Mid –Term External Evaluation of SEEP for SiSa VECO Program in Simanjiro and Same Districts (December 2010 February 20011) (Consultant and Assistant team leader)

Baseline Survey, Livelihood Analysis and Food Security Analysis In Chunya District, Mbeya Region (VECO Food Security Programme)  (September – October, 2010) (Consultant)

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Extension services in Tanzania after implementation of ASDP. (Kongwa, Mpwapwa, Iringa Rural, Mvomero and Handeni districts). July, 2010 (Research Assistant)

Socio economic impact assessment of PASS (Private Agricultural Sector Support) in Tanzania, baseline study April – May, 2010 (Research Assistant & Data analyst)

Socio economic impact assessment of PASS (Private Agricultural Sector Support) in Tanzania, baseline study April – May, 2010 (Research Assistant & Data analyst)

End of project/Terminal evaluation of  LIVING/PEMA II Livelihood diversification project for CARE Tanzania in Mvomero District, Morogoro (January, 2010) (Research Assistant)

Onion Value Chain Development for Simanjiro Distric, Manyara region (June 2009 – September 2009) For VECO Tanzania, Same programme. (Consultant)

Baseline survey for Sustainable Agriculture project for CARE International project in Morogoro rural District (June - July, 2009) (Research Assistant)

Assessment of Urban Food Insecurity Among Urban poor (Mwanza, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Lindi and Mtwara) (August – October, 2008) (Research Assistant & Data analyst (BACAS)

Gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming into Oxfam program in Shinyanga (January – February, 2008) (Co-Consultant/team member)
Sub sector mapping and selection for Oxfam program in Shinyanga (March, 2008) (Co-Consultant/team member)

Value chain analysis and development for rice and local chicken in Oxfam program in Shinyanga region (March, 2008) (Co-Consultant/team member)

End of project evaluation (Matomondo food security - World Vision Mpwapwa APD, Mpwapwa District (May 2007). (Co-Consultant/team member)

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)/CARE International (Morogoro). Assessing the contribution of Participatory Forest Management (PFM) into poverty reduction. Korogwe District (January-February, 2007) (Co-Consultant/team member)

Improving the nutritional quality of street foods to better meet the micronutrient needs of urban populations for UNICEF (Dar es Salaam) July –August 2005 (Research Assistant)

Carbon mitigation through land   use, land-use change and forestry projects – a closing window of opportunity for poverty alleviation, (Assessment of aforestation projects) (Kongwa, Mpwapwa and Kilosa Districts) March –May 2005 (Research Assistant)

Identifying the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and design/prepare community based safety nets, in Kongwa District. For AFRICARE (Dodoma): August-September, 2005 (Research Assistant)


Judith S. Kahamba, Fatihiya A. Massawe, Carolyne I. Nombo, John N. Jeckoniah, (2017). How Gender Affects Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Tanzania. Working paper Series USAID/PEPFAR/Measure Evaluation Tanzania.  Pp 1-36


Jeckoniah, J.N.  (2017). Women Collective actions and Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains in Simanjiro District Tanzania. International Journal of Gender and Women Studies 5(2)1-6

Themistocles Kweyamba and John Jeckoniah (2017). Determinants of funding access for Non-Governmental Organisations: A Case of Moshi Municipality in Tanzania.  International journal of Asian Social Sciences 7(9)773-782

Regina C. Malima, John N. Jeckoniah and Zebedayo S.K. Mvena (2017). Achieving Social Protection for the Elderly in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania: A Call for Social Institutions towards Improving Elderly Service Provision. Asian Journal of Social science and Humanities 6(4)25-36

Themistocles Kweyamba and John Jeckoniah (2017). Determinants of funding access for Non-Governmental Organisations: a Case of Moshi Municipality in Tanzania. International Journal of Asian Social Science 7(9): 773-782

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John Jeckoniah, Carolyne Nombo and Ntengua Mdoe (2012). Socio-Economic Status and Women Empowerment in Rural Tanzania. A case of Onion Value Chain Development in Simanjiro District(Accepted for Publication in the Tanzania Journal of Development Studies Vol.12 No. 2, 2012)

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C.I. Nombo and J.N. Jeckoniah (2011). Gender and Development: A Compendium for Undergraduate Students. Karjamer Print Technology, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Pp 123

Training workshops  ( short courses)/seminars and conferences attended

7th – 8th July, 2015 (Dar es Salaam). SACIDS/SUA:  Capacity building and Leadership management in Research teams

18th – 23rd May, 2015 (Lusaka-Zambia). HIC-ICI Postdoctoral capacity building

12-15th May, 2015. (Accra- Ghana) Consultative workshop for UniBRAIN on Youth engagement in Agriculture: by FARA. (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa)

11th-13th February, 2015 (Morogoro). University Teaching and Learning Improvement Programme (UTILP)

11th to 21st November, 2013 (Helsinki- Finland) 2nd Nordic Conference for Development Research

19th-30th, 2013 (Nairobi - Kenya) Gender Mainstreaming in Natural Resources Management, population Dynamics and social vulnerability and protection

8th -13th January, 2013. Multivariate Data analysis for Ecological Studies ICE-SUA, Morogoro

November, 2012 (Dar es Salaam- Tanzania), Developing Development Studies for junior University Academic Staff (3rd Round)

22nd November- 7th December 2012 (Addis Ababa - Ethiopia) Research Methodology Training for PhD Students

14th to 18th May 2012 Jyväskylä University – Finland, Developing Development Studies for junior University Academic Staff (2nd Round)

10- 17th – 21st November, 2011 (Lusaka- Zambia), Developing Development Studies for junior University Academic Staff (1st Round

11. 23rd Nov-4th Dec 2009 (Kibaha).  Participatory Research Methods, Organized by REPOA

12. 19th 30th October 2009 (Dar es Salaam). Regional training on Gender and Macro   8.11 Economics policy planning and budgeting, Organized by TGNP

13 9th -20th June, 2008 (Arusha). Course on Value chain Development (VCD),         by Match Maker Associates Ltd and Management Foundation Ltd

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