Dr. John V. Msinde

Senior Lecturer

John Msinde is a lecturer in the Department of Development Studies. His areas of speciality are; poverty analysis, rural livelihood diversification, rural-urban migration and population dynamics. He currently teaches a course on Computer application in statistical data analysis for undergraduate student, and two post graduate courses namely, Social Science Research Method and Demography and Development.
Msinde also serves as a chairman in undergraduate studies committee in the College of Social Science and Humanities. He has published several works in areas of; rural off-farm employment, rural shocks, Rural-Urban migration and poverty (Publications can be accessed in Google scholar)

PhD (Poverty and Rural Livelihood)

Msinde,J, Urassa, K and Nathan, I (2016). Off-farm Employment and Income Poverty in Favourable Agro-climatic Areas of Tanzania: Evidence from Kilombero. Development Country Studies 6(6):47-60.

Msinde, J and Salehe. F (2017). What role for Remittances in Farm Input Expenditure among Paddy Farming Households? A Case Study of Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. Asian Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences 2 (4)1-9.

Msinde, J. (2017). What Role for Social Capital on Crop Income Shock? A Case of Paddy Farming Households in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. International Journal of Arts and Humanities 1 (9): 813-829


Sokoine University of Agriculture,
Department of Development Studies,
P.0 Box, 3024, Morogoro, Tanzania,

Emais: johnmsinde@suanet.ac.tz; johnmsinde@yahoo.com

Mobile: +255676821184, +255754821181

Skype: msinde3