Dr. Justus Nsenga

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Justus V. Nsenga is a Senior Research Fellow at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. His expertise is in the field of rural development and natural resources management, including gender related aspects. Has served in different research interventions focusing on climate change aspects (i.e. Enhancing the climate change adaptation and mitigation capacities of the vulnerable communities of eco-villages in different ecosystems); Gender analysis and mainstreaming; Developing and testing a rural development approach (SUA Method) which is cognizant of targeted people’s needs, interests and abilities towards attaining sustainable development interventions.

Currently, participating in collaborative research project (SUA, Danish Institute for International Studies – DIIS, and Copenhagen University), namely Timber Rush Project (Private forestry on village land), which is implemented in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The research project aims at contributing to equitable distribution of benefits from private forest plantations on village land through evidence based policy making.