Mr. Justin Job Ringo


Mr. Justin J. Ringo is the Lecturer in the Development Studies Institute.  His research interests are on Population growth, settlements and health, Natural resources and Environment, Agricultural Production and Climate Change and Food Security. He teaches various undergraduate and postgraduate courses including;

  • RD 302 Issues in Population and Development
  • RD 203 Demography and Population Studies
  • DS 100 Principles and Theories of Development
  • DS 602 Population and Development (Postgraduate course)

Currently is pursuing his PhD studies at Sokoine University of Agriculture

PhD Training in Rural Development (ongoing): Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania.

      - Research project: Influence of Cultural Dimensions on Under Five Mortality among Agro-pastoralists   Communities in Tanzania

Master of Arts in Demography (M.A), 2005-2007 : University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Land Use Planning and Environmental Studies, 2000-2003: University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Diploma in Geoinformatics with specialization in Cartography, 1998:  International Institute for Geo- Information Science and Earth Observation-ITC In The Netherlands.

Diploma In Cartography, 1992-1994:  Ardhi InstituteTabora, Tanzania.

Certificate Course in Cartography, 1988-1990:  Ardhi InstituteTabora, Tanzania.


Justin J, Bengesi K. M. K and Mbago M. C.Y. (2018).Access and Challenges of Health Facilities amongst Agro-pastoralist Communities in Handeni District, Tanzania

Justin R. (2010).Health Risks in Planned and Unplanned Settlements (Published), VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft& Co.KG


Justin R. (2010).Health Risks in Planned and Unplanned Settlements (Published), VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft& Co.KG. Pp. 1-73

Samwel J, Justin R, Justin K, Tumaini A, (2012). Rethinking Poverty and Population Dynamics in Tanzania (In review of fifty years of Tanzania's (Mainland) Independence edited by Urassa J. K). Lumbert academic publishing, Germany. 36-58.

Kabote S. J., Niboye, E. P and Ringo, J. J. (2014). International land deals and rural poverty reduction in kisarawe District, Tanzania: Innternational Land Deals in Eastern and Southern Africa (edited by Paschal B mihayo). Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSREA). Pp. 99-121


Justin R. and Msinde John (2011).Introduction to Demography and Population Studies: A Compendium for Bachelors Degree Students; Sokoine University of Agriculture, pp 81.

Departiment of Development Studies,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P. O. Box 3024, Morogoro.