Postgraduate Programmes

The Institute of Development Studies is among leading Tanzanian centers for training and mentoring the next generation of development experts. Currently, the institute has two programs of postgraduate study leading to the  Masters of Art ( MA) in Rural Development and Ph.D. in Rural Development

Master of Arts (MA) in Rural Development

The program comprises the following courses

Core coures

Course Ante Course title Credit hours
DS 600 Social Science Research Methodology 2
DS 601 Social Science Statistics 2
DS 604 Political Economy of Agrarian Change 2
DS 602 Population and Development 1.5
DS 608 Design, Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural Development Programmes/Projects 3
DS 603 Gender and Development 1.5
DS 612 Rural Development Issues 2
EE 601 Rural Sociology 1.5
DS 611 Dissertation  
Course  Ante Course title Credit hours
DS 606 Agricultural Policy and Planning  
DS 607 Natural Natural Resource Assessment for Development Planning, Utilization and Conservation  
DS 609 Development Administration  
DS 610 Rural Industrialization  
AEA 207 Economic Development  
EE 624 Village Dynamics  
HN 604 Food Security  
MN 607 Social Anthropology