Basic Mathematics

MB 100: Basic Mathematics 2 Credits (45 Lect., 30 Sem,. 0 Pract.)

Prerequisite: None
Algebra: Indices and logarithms; simultaneous equations; quadratic equations; coordinate geometry of a straight line; Applications of the straight line law to experimental data. Vector algebra. Trigonometry: Trigonometric formulas and equations. Matrices and determinants: operations on matrices; inverse of a matrix and properties of determinants. Systems of linear equations – Gaussian elimination method, Cramer’s rule. Calculus: Functions – including polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic functions. General idea of limits and continuity. Differentiation – properties of derivatives. Techniques of differentiation including implicit and logarithmic. Application of differentiation – e.g. tangents and normals, rates of change, approximations, maxima and minima. Integration – anti-derivatives (indefinite integrals). The definite integral. Techniques of integration. Applications of integration – including areas, volumes, arc lengths. First order differential equations: solutions of some first order differential equations-namely: separable variables type, those reducible to separable variables type, linear differential equations, and exact types. Application of first order differential equations to practical problems, e.g. Chemical reactions problems, carbon dating, exponential decay problems, emission and pollution problems.