Communication Skills 1

SC 100: Communication Skills I (1 Credits: 20 Lect. 20 Sem. 0 Pract.)

Pre-requisite: None

Course contents:
Meaning of communication skills: objectives and relevance in university studies
Listening skills: factors contributing to active listening, developing active listening, listening to lectures and note taking
Reading skills: Characteristics of academic texts i.e. topic sentence and support paragraphs; the SQ3R reading strategy that is the Survey, the Question, and the Read, the Recall, and the Review; and Critical reading.
Speaking skills: making oral presentations (i.e. speaking versus reading), uses of signals to perform various communicative acts in presenting, handling presentation materials including audio-visual aids.
Writing skills: characteristics of effective academic writing, interpreting essay topics, planning essays and other texts; writing: organizing information, thought and developing of ideas: sentence/paragraph structure reduction paragraphing and sectioning, text types and development, essay writing; report writing: experiments, project, research, term papers; summary writing-abstracts, summary and executive summary
Academic literacy skills: literature review techniques, literature evaluation, making citations from literature, presenting a list of references.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability in studying, communicating and gathering information for study purpose
  • Demonstrate ability in academic literacy skills in coping with advanced academic communication.
  • Demonstrate ability in applying the study skills in their specialized subject areas at the university