For Undergraduate Students Supervision

The Department of Development Studies is the largest of the SUA departments  with over 368 undergraduate students. While studying as an undergraduate you will develop valuable skills such as managing projects, working in a team and thinking critically which will make you valuable to employers. You can use our available academic staffs for academic mentoring services  and career development advice. The institute provides students with academic support through allocation academic supervisors and Special Project Supervisors.

Academic Supervisor

After you have enrolled as an undergraduate student you will be given one academic supervisor. You may seek advice on: selection of elective courses, Field Practical Training, specialization/career development through different ways;

  • A drop in class ( class session short break)
  • a booked appointment
  • via academic staff email provided to you/telephone ( although it is advised to meet your supervisor physically if possible)

Special Project Supervisor

When you are in third year of your study, you will be given Special Project Supervisor who will take you through Special Project Proposal preparation and Special Project report writing. The roles of the SP Supervisor is to guide you in creating the topic, objectives/research questions of  SP proposal and technical advice on data collection in the field ( this should be done in the first semester of the third year) and technical advice on data collection in the field, analysis and SP writing ( this should be done in the second semester of  the third year). You can meet with your Special Project Supervisor through booked appointment.