The Centre has accomplished the following activities.

  1. The Centre has organized open seminar on, “Farm Women and the Pursuit of Empowerment: Cases from the U.S. and France.”  The role of value added agriculture and agri-tourism used by women to pursue empowerment opportunities. By Wynne Wright (Associate Professor and rural sociologist), From the Gender Centre of Michigan State University, USA
  2. The Centre has organized open seminar on, Feedback workshop on sexual harassment study to SUA to non academic staff.” (August, 2016). By Dr. S. Komba (College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of Language Studies)

3.      The Centre has conducted the desk research that aimed at producing, “SUA sex disaggregated data fact book”. The research work is in the final stages of its completion.

4.       The Centre has conducted school visits and sensitization activities to eight (8) secondary school students. The activity aimed at sensitizing students to study science subjects and career as well as promoting/advertising SUA programmes to prospective students.

5.       The Centre has won the proposal of collaboration with the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program to host a leadership curriculum co-development for women in HEIs and mentoring graduate students and young scientists on research proposal writing.

6.      The Centre has won the proposal for coordinating the gender issues in the “Agriculture Youth Lab.” Under the MasterCard Foundation.

7.      The Centre participated in the, ‘’Women Forum on Agriculture’’ (Morogoro Rural district).

8.      The Centre participated in the, Annual Women Forum on Women Empowerment at Jordan University College (Morogoro)

9.       The Centre in collaboration with TGNP (Tanzania Gender Network Programme) conducted the capacity building workshop on “Women Economic Rights/Justice” in Agriculture and Extractive Sectors in Kishapu District, Simiyu Region.


Upcoming events in the Centre


·         25th June-8th August, 2017: Short term training for postgraduate students on Leadership Empowerment, Collaborative research strengthening for women in East Africa.

o   Organizer: Centre for Gender Studies SUA.

o   Facilitators:  African Diaspora fellows (Prof. Florence Wakoko: Columbus state university and Prof. Margaret Khaitsa : Missisipi State University)


·         May-June (dates to be determined) coordinate designing and field work for AYL project under MasterCard Foundation.