Policy dialogue Seminar

group photo

The group photo with the guest of Honour, Prof. Peter R. Gillah, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic (centre), Dr. S. J. Kabote, Principal, College of Social Sciences of Humanities, Dr. Jeniva Kamuhabwa (Ministry of Agriculture) and other participants of the Policy Dialogue from within and outside SUA

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities under Department of Policy, Planning and Management organized a Policy dialogue Series. No. 1 under the theme "Agricultural Pesticides Applications and their Potential Impacts to the Public: Policy and Legal Issues Governing Pesticides Management in Tanzania". The dialogue was held at ICE Conference Hall on January 10, 2020, and was officiated by the Depute Vice Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Peter R. Gillah.


The dialogue attracted participants from the Ministry of Agriculture, Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI), private sector, farmers, students, researchers and academicians.

The main objective was to analyze the policy framework and regulations that are key in managing pesticides use in Tanzania, and specific objectives were to: (i) create public awareness of important policy issues and regulations regarding the use and control of pesticides, (ii) analyze policy and regulations, and look at implementation gaps for further