1. Bachelor of Rural Development
The main aim of the program is to produce graduates who can perform a range of tasks and can be employed in development-oriented careers with specific focus on rural development. These include Policy Analysts and Planners, Programme Coordinators, Managers or Officers in both government and private organisations, development planners, trainers, researchers and consultants in training and research institutions, NGOs, CBOs and other rural institutions, and managers of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).

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 Bachelor of Rural Development
Program Duration: 3 years
Admission Capacity: 220
Tuition fee: Tshs 1, 000,000 per year
Requirements: Two principal passes (4 points) in History/ Geography/Economics/ Mathematics/Physics/ Chemistry/Biology/Zoology/Botany/Commerce/ Accounts/Food and Nutrition/Science and Practice in Agriculture at A- level certificate OR Diploma with a GPA of not less than 3.0 in Rural Development or Agriculture or Agricultural Education or related fields and THREE credits   or FOUR passes in relevant subjects at O-level certificate.

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Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management

The programme produce graduates with contemporary knowledge and skills to plan, manage and build communities' capacity for development interventions and improve people's well-being in sustainable ways

2. Bachelor of Human Resources Management and Labor Relations
This programme produce experts that are made to be human resource officers, managers and labour officers with excellent ability to create and maintain friendly and productive work environment to increase human resource capital and labour productivity. The graduate are perfect in industries, agricultural sectors, government, international and non-governmental organizations.