Dr. Suzana Samson

Dr. Suzana Samson

Suzana is employed as a Research Fellowin the Department of Policy Planning and Management at Sokoine University of Agriculture. She holds a PhD in Public Policies, MA in Rural Development and BSc. in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness all pursued at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. She also attended courses on project planning, research methodologies and policy analysis. Her expertise includes Policy Analysis, Economics, Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Suzana is aspiring to become a Policy Analysist; this career path has been inculcated by her PhD research that focused on the assessment of institutional environment for the use of treated domestic wastewater for food crops irrigation. As a researcher; she has practically worked on both; qualitative and quantitative research methods and has developed appreciable skills from the conceptualization/formulation of research objectives, translation into research questions, preparation of data collection tools, sampling, data collection, analysis, interpretation of results as well as professional and technical reporting. Suzana Samson has also worked as a consultant ad a moderator as well.

Her research interests are policy analysis, value chain analysis and evaluation of development projects. Currently, Suzana is a team member in the research project called Timber Rush on the Village land in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. A DANIDA funded research project for five years from 2015-2020.Suzana is a co-supervisor for two PhD students.


May 2021- April 2023: Team Leader: Synergy among Agricultural Sector Lead Ministries in the Transformation of Tanzania’s Agriculture (SATTA)

• Aug 2020-March 2021- Co-investigator. Capacity building and promotion of EIDM among Researchers and Policy makers for Enhanced Evidence use in Tanzania (CREPEE).
• 2019-2021: Team member. Agroecology Hub Project in Tanzania. An Investigator on farmers networks
• July 2018-July 2019. Team member. In-service training and evaluation for performance of one health work-force at grassroot levels in implementing biosecurity and biosafety measures related to priority zoonoses in Kilosa demonstration site in Tanzania.
• Feb 2018 - June 2021: Team member. Validation of Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agricultural Transformation (RIPAT) Model in the Uluguru Mountains.
• February 2016-Feb 2020: Team member. The timber rush: Private Forestry on Village Land: Implemented by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) in collaboration with Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and University of Copenhagen (UoC). An Investigator on Timber value chain
• 2012-2016: Principal investigator: Institutional environment and incentives for the use of low-quality water in food crops irrigation: Research for PhD thesis.

• 1st -12th Dec 2017. Lead consultant. SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania. Annual Self-evaluation of SOSCVTZ Education Project in Iringa Rural District
• 1st -30th June 2014: Lead Consultant. Corporate Social Responsibility Group Africa Limited in Collaboration with Firetail Limited and Tigo/GSM

Nyanda, S.S., Mahonge, C.P. (2021). Institutional framework in relation to the use of low-quality water for food crops irrigation in Tanzania. Sustain. Water Resour. Manag. 7, 37(2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40899-021-00511-1

Lusambo, L.P., Nyanda, S.S. and Mhando, D. G. (2021). Profitability Analysis of Tree Growing in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania", International Journal of Forestry Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 8872211, 10 pages. https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/8872211

Samson, S., Mdegela, R. H., Permin A. Mahonge C. I. and Mlangwa, J. E. D. (2018). Incentives for low-quality water irrigation of food crops in Morogoro, Tanzania. Environment, Development and Sustainability Journal 20:479–494. doi 10.1007/s10668-016-9895-3

Samson, S., Mdegela, R. H., Permin A., Mlangwa, J. E. D. and Mahonge C. I. (2017). Obstacles to Low Quality Water Irrigation of Food Crops in Morogoro, Tanzania. Journal of Sustainable Development. 10(2): 1-12. doi.org/10.5539/jsd.v10n2p1

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops attended

  • 19th -22nd, April 2021: Proposal Writing Training Workshop, Edward Moringe Campus, SUA
  • 6th -7th December 2019: Proposal Writing Workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • 17 th -20 th October 2018: FLARE conference, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 20th-24th October 2014: Health Policy Analysis short course, UDSM, Tanzania
  • 25th -26thNovember 2014: Training on grant winning proposals writing, ICE, SUA
  • 22nd-26thApril 2013: Training on Qualitative methods, case study and research planning. ICE, SUA

May 2019 to date: Treasurer- Sokoine University of Agriculture Staff Association

Postal address: P.O Box 3035, Morogoro

Email: Suzy_nyanda@suanet.ac.tz

Phone: +255784765081

Skype: suzana.samson