College Committees

  1. Undergraduate Standing Committee –     Dr. G.D Massawe. Other members are Dr. E.T Malisa and Dr. Nyamonge Kenya
  2. Postgraduate Studies Committee –   Chairperson is Dr. Tumaini Allan. Other members are Dr. Edwin Ngowi and Dr. Halima Mangi
  3. Research and Publication   – Chairperson is Dr. Respikius Martin. Other members are Dr. Job Mwakapina and Ms. Nifasha Ndabakubije
  4. Field Practical Training Coordination Committee –   Coordinator is Dr. Justine Ringo. Another member is Ms. Fausta Mapunda
  5. Center for Gender Studies – Coordinator is Dr. Judith S. Kahamba. Other members are Dr. Angela Jesse and Dr. Tumaini Allan
  6. SUA Center for African and International Languages – Coordinator is Dr. Job Mwakapina, another member is Ms. Judith Ladislaus
  7. Bureau of Development Research and Consultancy – Coordinator is Dr. Edwin Ngowi, other members are Dr. Emmanuel Malisa, Dr. Job Mwakapina and Dr. Tumaini Allan
  8. College Website Committee – Chairperson is Dr. Judith S. Kahamba, other members are Dr. Mikidadi Muhanga and Mr. Daniel Masunzu.