Field Practicle Training

Field Practical Training (FPT) 2022

Training at Sokoine University of Agriculture, like in other universities elsewhere, comprises of class-based sessions through which more of theoretical knowledge is acquired, and practice-oriented sessions (field practical training) whereby students get the opportunity of practicing the theoretical knowledge from real life situations. In March 2022, SUA undergraduate students specialized on Rural Development, and Development Planning and Management degree programs, as integral part of SUA undergraduate students, participated in field practical training in various stations in Morogoro region. During the field practical training, SUA supervisors (from College of Social Sciences and Humanities, in particular) visited the students to check the progress of their field training. At the field practical training stations, the SUA supervisors met and discussed with local supervisors on various issues related for field practical training of the students. The SUA supervisors also met with the students in order to discuss about the progress of the training including other important issues for successful field practical training of the respective students.

Professor Christopher Mahonge learning from Rural Development Students about progress of their field practical training and providing some guidance at Kihonda Maghorofani Ward in Morogoro region in March 2022

Professor Christopher Mahonge with Ms Josepher Kisaka (Ward Executive Officer for Kihonda Maghorofani Ward in Morogoro region), exchanging ideas about the progress of field practical training of students from Rural Development Degree Program in March 2022. Ms Kisaka served as a local field practical supervisor.



Professor Christopher Mahonge (on the left side) discussing with Ms. Martha David (on the right side), who is an Administrative Officer at Rice Miller Company located in Kihonda Morogoro, about progress of field practical training of two SUA’s Rural Development Students (at the middle) in March 2022. Ms. Martha served as local field practical supervisor