College Profile and History

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) is one among the newly established colleges of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The College was established in December 2015 after merging three units, namely Development Studies Institute (DSI), SUA Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SCSRD), and Department of Social Sciences (DSS). The merging of the units to form the College aimed at not only increasing growth, efficiency, effectiveness and visibility but also contributing to the realization of the Tanzania’s development efforts in bringing about sustainable development including implementation of the Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025.

The establishment of the College was a response to the university wide restructuring process, which was on going at that time. Currently, the CSSH comprises three academic departments namely the Department of Development and Strategic  Studies (DDSS), Department of Policy, Planning and Management (DPPM),  Department of Language Studies (DLS) and Department of Sociology and Anthropology (DSA).  In addition, the College has one bureau, the Bureau of Development Research and Consultancy and two Centers: the Centre for Gender Studies and SUA Centre for African and International Languages (SUACAIL). The College has three outreach centers for service delivery particularly advisory services: one in Mbinga (Mbinga Outreach Center), and two in Morogoro (Kibogwa and Nyachilo Outreach Centers).

The College brings together a blend of expertise capable of offering demand driven competitive package and flexible training programmes for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies, short courses, Outreach programmes, and consultancy services. Given the diversity of expertise, the College is competitively well placed to address development challenges in the ever-changing environment.


The College, being one of the academic units at SUA, offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes, including Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctoral studies. Currently, it offers Bachelor of Rural Development (BRD), Master of Arts in Rural Development (MARD), and Master of Arts in Project Management and Evaluation (MAPME)MAPMEMaster of Arts in Project Management and Evaluation (MAPME), and it is attracting a lot of students including doctoral students who undertake research in different contemporary issues in development.

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In order to meet market demand, the College has developed demand driven programmes for bachelor and postgraduate students including Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management (BADPM), Bachelor of Arts with Education (English Language and Literature), Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, Master of Arts in Development Planning and Policy Analysis and Master of Translation and Interpretation. These programmes are in the pipeline and will be launched as soon as they are approved by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).

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