Seminar Presentation

On February 20th, 2024, the SUA Centre for African and International Languages (SUA-CAIL), in collaboration with the Department of Language Studies’ Committee for Research and Publication, hosted a staff seminar presentation in the series of monthly seminars. Among the fundamental responsibilities of the Centre is the facilitation of research endeavours. Upon completion of research projects, the Centre actively encourages researchers to disseminate their findings through presentations. This practice not only facilitates the exchange of ideas but also fosters academic discourse, allowing researchers to receive valuable feedback and engage in scholarly debates.



Dr. Job Mwakapina who is an incumbent coordinator of SUA-CAIL extending a warm welcome to all attendees as he introduces the members to the seminar presentation series during the seminar. He expresses his gratitude to participants for their presence and contribution to this important event. Dr. Mwakapina sets the stage for an engaging and enlightening seminar presentation, marking the commencement of a stimulating exchange of ideas and knowledge.

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