The Eastern Zone Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, 2023

Participation of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) booth at the Eastern Zone Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, 2023 under the theme “Youth and Women are the Solid Foundation of Sustainable Food Systems”

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) embraced the Eastern Zone’s prestigious “Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition” in 2023 with unwavering enthusiasm, creating a captivating booth that drew attendees from all corners. Adorned with vibrant banners and educational posters, the booth offered a multifaceted experience for visitors. Through informative displays, CSSH unveiled cutting-edge research and innovative practices in sustainable agriculture, emphasizing the pivotal role that youth and women play in shaping resilient food systems. Intriguing interactive activities further enriched the experience, enabling visitors to actively engage with agricultural policy, technologies and practices designed to address food security challenges. From virtual reality simulations of eco-friendly farming methods on agribusiness and women’s leadership in agriculture, the CSSH’s booth buzzed with excitement and intellectual exchange.

Similarly, the CSSH’s booth transcended its physical presence, extending its influence through engaging discussions with visitors and thought-provoking policy briefs displays held throughout the exhibition. These dialogues sparked a vibrant exchange of ideas with visitors and fostered a sense of collective responsibility towards building sustainable food systems for future generations. As visitors absorbed the knowledge disseminated by the CSSH, a profound realization of the interconnectedness between agricultural policy practices, social dynamics, and environmental preservation took root. This transformative experience left a profound impact on attendees, instilling a renewed dedication to supporting youth and women as the bedrock of enduring, ecologically balanced food systems. Therefore, the CSSH’s message continued to ripple through the agricultural community, inspiring partnerships and collaborative initiatives that would propel the Eastern Zone towards a brighter, more sustainable agricultural future.


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