Prof. Carolyne Nombo

Carolyne Nombo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Development Studies at Sokoine University of Agriculture.  She is also  SUA mentoring programme coordinator. As an Director Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) , she is responsible for efficient and effective planning, co-ordination; development and delivery of appropriate College services. She has expertise in the fields of gender and development, agricultural extension, sociology of household.  Prof. Nombo is one the leading experts in qualitative research. Her research interest is on Gender, HIV/AIDS, Rural Poverty and Livelihood, Social Capital, Climate change and Policy. As an academic Staff she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate course;
  • Gender and development (RD 301);
  • Teaching Public Policy (RD 205
  • Rural Development Issues (DS 612);
  • Agricultural Policies and planning (RD 606)
She has supervised a number of Students’ Special Projects, Masters Degree and PhD theses. She has also conducted various researches on rural development and livelihoods, gender, HIV/AIDS, climate change and poverty and consultancies in the areas of her expertise.
Prof. Nombo has authorized a multiple articles published in various journals and she has written chapters in different books.  A full list of publications can be accessed at Research Gate or Google Scholar.
Other Professional Responsibilities
  • Gender programming backstopping to AGRI’s activities
  • Coordinating Mentoring Programme at SUA
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Board Member of Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA)
  • Member of CSSH Board – SUA
  • Member of African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment (AWLAE)
  • Member of Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension (TSAEE)
  • Member of INADES Formation Tanzania
  • Member of SUASA
Prof. Nombo has authorized a multiple articles published in various journals and she has written chapters in different books.  A full list of publications can be accessed at Research Gate or Google Scholar

PhD in Social Sciences Wageningen University,  The Netherlands ( 2007)

MSc. Agricultural Extension and Education, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania  (1995)

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and Human Nutrition, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania ( 1993)

Advanced level of Secondary Education in Chemistry, Biology and Geography - Loleza Girls Secondary School, Tanzania (1989)

Ordinary Level of Secondary Education - Perahimo Girls Secondary School, Tanzania (1986)


1.    Global Value- Assessing the impacts of Multinational Corporations on global development and value creation in the EU 7th Framework Programme, Co-PI

2.    The Influence of gender related factors on access to and adherence to HIV/AID Treatment in Njombe Region, PI

3.    Gendered climate change impacts and Adaptation in Semi Arid areas of Tanzania, Co-PI


1.    Currently supervising two (3) PhD students’ research projects on: 1)Land reforms and women control over land; 2) Sustainability of Drilled wells in Dodoma, Tanzania 3) Role of multi-stakeholders platform in Agricultural Innovations

2.    Currently supervising three (3) students’ research projects for Masters Degree Dissertations on Youth employment challenges, Maternal Health and local Government Responsiveness

3.    Currently supervising 1 undergraduate student’s special projects on Women empowerment.


1.    Integrated Monitoring and evaluation for Mc Knight Crop collaborative Research in Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique, January – December 2011: Consultant

2.    Gender study in Beef and Dairy Value chains in Tanzania for ASARECA project, November 2010: Consultant

3.    Socio economic impact assessment for PASS (Private Agricultural Sector Support) in Tanzania, baseline study April – May, 2010: Member consultancy team

4.    Gender mainstreaming: Consultant for Intermon Oxfam, October 2009

5.    Stakeholders mapping: Consultant for Research Into Use programme in Tanzania. March, 2009.

6.    Monitoring gender and participation: Gender consultant on monitoring mission for WOPATA Projects in Morogoro, Tanzania. Examined progress on gender and participation issues and agreed recommendations for future directions with project staff and managers. March, 2008.

7.    Training in gender issues in Food security programmes for Intermón Oxfam partners. May, 2008: Consultant.

8.    Facilitation: Fundraising workshop for PELUM-Tz members, March 2001.


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Samwel J. Kabote, Elliott P. Niboye and Carolyne I. Nombo (2014) Performance in Mathematics and Science Subjects: A Gender perspective for Selected Primary Schools in Rural and Urban Tanzania. International Journal of Gender Studies and Women’s Studies 5(3):87-105.

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Books and Book Chapters

C.I. Nombo, S.J. Kabote, D.P. Mamiro, G. Synneva˚g, A.Z. Mattee, J.K. Urassa, and L. Matata (2014) Adaptation to Climate Change: Changing Gender Relations in the Meatu and Iramba Districts in Tanzania. A Chapter in Sustainable Intensification to Advance Food Security and Enhance Climate Resilience in Africa. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.pp 587-599.

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C.I Nombo, J.K Urassa, J.S Mbwambo, A.Z Mattee, D.P Mamiro, S.J Kabote, L.M. Matata, and G. Synneåg (2012) A Gendered analysis of climate variability impacts and adaptations in semi arid area farming systems and natural resources management. A paper presented at EPINAV Annual scientific Conference, December 2012, Morogoro.

Nombo, C.I (2010) Forging partnership with civil society for technology dissemination. A paper presented at SUA/SIU seminar, May 2010, Dar es Salaam
Nombo, C. and A. Niehof (2007) Developing new social relations to mitigate impacts of HIV/AIDS. A paper presented at the Second European Conference on African Studies, 11-14 July 2007, Leiden.

Nombo, C. and A. Z Mattee (1995) Farmers groups and Local Networks in the Development process. A paper presented in the First Faculty of Agriculture Scientific Conference held at SUA, Morogoro.

Unpublished manuscripts
Nombo,  C. (1995) Farmers’ Groups as an Entry Point in Rural Development: A case of Uluguru Mountain Agricultural Development Project (UMADEP). Unpublished MSc thesis Sokoine University of Agriculture.


  1. Women in Academic Leadership - Crowne Plaza, Johannesburg, SA 25-26 March, 2015
  2. Climate Change, sustainable intensification and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa -  Morogoro, 13-15 November 2013
  3. EPINAV annual scientific Workshop - Morogoro, December 2012
  4. Impacts Monitoring and Evaluation - Nairobi, ILRI Kenya, 18-22 June 2012
  5. American Evaluation Annual Workshop - California, USA 1st -5th November 2011
  6. Introduction to policy Analysis course - Nairobi ILRI, Kenya, 18 -22 June 2011

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